Why Did Jasmine Nguyen Call Off Her Engagement With Pranav Mangal? Here's Everything You Should Know About Her fiancé in 2022!

Posted On July 26, 2022
Jasmine Nguyen Engagement

Jasmine Nguyen is a former reality star known for her appearance on "The Bachelor" season 24. Moreover, she is a TikTok star and influencer from the United States; The 28-year-old star rose to fame shortly after she entered the reality dating show but sadly didn't make it to the end as she was not selected. However, Jasmine did find the love of her life outside the series.

Jasmine Nguyen is a native of Houston, Texas, the United States. She was born and raised in Texas with her only sister by her single mother. Even though she grew up in the United States, her family belonged to Vietnam. The reality star once shared how her mother raised two daughters alone and said her mother couldn't pay their tuition fees, so Jasmine had to take a semester off. Despite the challenges, Jasmine graduated with a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Houston and went to participate in coder camps.

On The Bachelor season 24, Jasmine Nguyen entered the show hoping to find a lifetime partner and the man of her dreams. she also hoped Peter Weber would be perfect for her on The Bachelor, but sadly she went home after the third ceremony. Even after appearing for a brief moment on the show, she got the opportunity to display her fun-loving, strong and charming side to the viewers and successfully attracted many fans. After leaving the bachelor's realtiy show, she worked as a client relationship manager.

Who was Jasmine Ngyuen Boyfriend?

Before coming to The Bachelor Season 24, Jasmine Nguyen had a serious relationship that lasted for three years. Her ex did not want to have kids, which made her end the relationship. The identity of her ex-partner is still a mystery.

In "The Bachelor," she didn't find the love of her life, but she did find her love outside the reality show; in December 2021, Jasmine Nguyen announced her engagement with her fiance Pranav Mangal through social media. It is said that the couple met through social media in 2019 and started dating afterward. Later Pranav proposed to her, and she gradually accepted the proposal.

Jasmine Nguyen Pranav MangalJasmine Nguyen and ex-fiance, Pranav Mangal. (Stephanie Campos Photography)

But after two months, the realtiy star broke her silence on her love life and declared her engagement with her fiance Pranav Magal while in tears on Instagram video. As the fans seemed to have an idea of something off between her and Pranav, Jasmine deleted all the pictures of her and Pranav from social media, and her fans quickly noticed it.

Why Did Jasmine Nguyen call off Her Engagement with Pranav?

Jasmine told her fans why she wasn't active on any of her social media and also said she was grateful to her fans for their continued support, love and care. Though she didnt reveal the reason behind the split with Pranav, she did express how hard it is for her, and there is no easy way to say it loud. Now they're no longer together, and Jasmine wants to start a new chapter of her life.

Jasmine Nguyen Engagement RingJasmine flaunted her engagement ring on social media. (Jasmine's Instagram)

Who is Pranav Mangal, Jasmine Ngyuen Fiancé?

Pranav Mangal is an authorized medical resident specializing in anesthesia, a Texas native who became popular on social media after the engagement with a reality star and influencer, Jasmine Nguyen. Unfortunately, there's no more information about Pranav as Jasmine has kept it a secret; however, there are photos of them on the internet from the engagement event photoshoot.

Jasmine Nguyen on Social Media

Jasmine is an influencer, so how can she not be on social media. You can find her on Instagram through the handle @__jasminenguyen. she has over 99k loyal followers and 170 posts on her ig page. Moreover, she is a content creator and active on her TikTok as well. Nguyen's username on TikTok is @__jasminnguyen. She boasts over half a million followers on TikTok and has over 38.7m likes on her posts. Jasmine's posts are about skin care products, fitness tips, makeup haul, and fashion. Her contents are entertaining and full of motivation as well.

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