Does Lil Xan Have a Girlfriend? Here's What We Know So Far About His Relationship in 2022!

Posted On July 28, 2022
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Nicholas Diego Leanos, AKA Lil Xan is an American rapper, songwriter, and Mexican singer; he is also famous by his name Soley Diego. The 26-year-old rapper is originally from Redlands, California. In the United States, he was born on September 6, 1996, which makes him a Virgo.

Lil Xan spent his childhood in poverty, where his family had no financial stability; due to poorness, he even dropped out of high school. The young Diego had to spend the rest of their childhood in motels with their parents and slowly started working as a street cleaner and pedeling drugs to earn money.

Lil Xan started his music career in mid-2016. However, his music career succeeded after he released the "Betrayed" song in 2017 and gained massive fame. The song ranked 64 on the billboard hot 100; additionally, after one year, Lil Diego debuted his first album, "Total Xanarchy," in 2018, which became a hit, and he got more recognization from the youngster.

Before stepping on a music career, Lil Xan wanted to become a photographer as he was good at photography and used to take pictures of his friends in concerts and programs. Unfortunately, his camera got stolen. Hence, he chose his career path in the rap industry.

The 26-year-old rapper was also addicted to drugs. Where he used to have drugs like "Xanax," "benzodiazepines and "opiates and continued that habit for almost two years; eventually, his addiction made his health severe and nearly ended up his kidney and liver failure; he had to be hospitalized for several days. He was so addicted to "Xanax" that the rapper made his official name "Lil Xan" now, Diego has overcome and managed to leave behind his bad addiction.

Lil Xan's unique singing skills and appearance made him famous among youngsters. The rapper had tattooed his face, which also became one of the reasons to attract more attention. Regarding the tattoos on his face, he said, "the tattoos should be seen. Otherwise, there is no point in having them." The rapper owns a youtube channel and a SoundCloud under his name, where he uploads his music videos and songs, which get thousands and millions of views.

Talking about his net worth, the rapper started earning from a young age. Currently, his estimated net worth is approximately $3 million. Being famous is not easy; the more you succeed, the more you will have admirers, fans and critics. Lil Xan has over a million fans. His fans are often curious about his personal life. Here's what you have to know about his past and current relationships.

Lil Xan is Dating His Girlfriend, Annie Smith

Well, everybody might know about his ex-girlfriend, pop singer Noah Cyrus. The couple also made a single song called "live or die in 2018. not sure if their relationship was a publicity stunt for promoting the music, but yes, sadly, Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus' relationship didnt last long and ended up too soon.

lil xan girlfriend annie smithLil Xan is allegedly dating Annie Smith following his breakup with Tana Mongeau. (Lil Xan Instagram)

After the breakup, Lil Xan dated a few girlfriends, such as Tana Mongeau, but he eventually started dating his best friend Annie smith and announced their engagement in February 2019; additionally, the th newly engaged couple also shared their unborn baby ultrasound pictures on youtube. Many of their fans denied that ultrasound and claimed it to be fake, whereas Annie has made a video on youtube regarding rumors about the phony ultrasound.

Unfortunately, on April 6, 2019, Annie announced the heartbreaking news that she had suffered a miscarriage. Despise all ups and down the couple went through, their love is still going strong, but when asked about the relationship, Lil Xan replied, "it's complicated," and added I love her to death.

Who is Annie smith, Lil Xan's Girlfriend?

Annie Compton smith is an internet personality and influencer. She got into the spotlight after she began to date rapper AKA Nicholas Diego Leanos. Annie was born in California, united states but raised in a small town near san Francisco by her adoptive parents. Even after being adopted, Annie has a good relationship with her biological mother.

Annie started her journey in social media from a young age; she has over 147k followers on her Instagram and owns a youtube channel. She has uploaded videos like QnA and cleared out the rumors of her fake pregnancy. Taking about her Instagram account, Annie Smith has set her Instagram profile to private for some reason. So it's hard for us to tell whether the couple is still together. There are no signs of them being together; on the other hand, Lil Xan is also silent about his love life.

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