Meet Brittany Favre from Claim to Fame: Know About Her Bio, Instagram, Age and Famous Relative in 2022!

Posted On August 10, 2022
brittany claim to fame

Brittany Favre is one of the contestants of Claim to Fame. ABC has come up with a new brand reality show named "Claim to Fame,".which was recently premiered on July 11, 2022, on Monday; the show contains ten episodes, and 3 of the episodes are already released on ABC. Unlike other reality series, it has a completely different concept. The series starts with two hosts, non-other than Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas, with 12 relatives from several celebrities.

All the participants have to stay under one roof while completing the various task to survive the game and not get eliminated. They also have to guess each other identities and which celebrity background they belong to. Some participants' relatives have already been revealed, so three contestants are out of the show.

The series includes 12 participants Louise, Amara, Dominique, L.C, Michael, logan, pepper, LArk, maxwell, Kai, Brittany, and X, where Michael, Maxwell and X are already out of the show. Meanwhile, nine members are left in the house where some of their identity has been revealed; one of the famous relatives is 33-year Brittany Favre, the daughter of a former American football player.

Now let's unfold the mystery behind Brittany Favre and get to know more about her throughout the article.

Who is Brittany Favre from Claim to Fame Show?

Brittany Nicole Favre is a 33-year-old American lawyer who was born on February 6, 1989, in Mississippi, united states; Brittany comes from an athlete family background; her father is well-known former national football player Brett Favre who has devoted his 18 years competing in national football league whereas her mother Deana Favre is an author.

While Brittany from Claim to Fame was growing up, Brittany participated in several sports in high school, as she came from ma athlete family background however, Brittany has always been interested in law since Brittany Favre was young, and she even mentioned in an interview that she always wanted to be a lawyer, she looked over successful lawyers as same as his father.

Moreover, Brittany graduated from Loyola university with a master's degree in law in 2005; soon after, she started working as a lawyer for a Hattiesburg law firm in Mississippi. in 2016, she even appeared on the sixth season of "A Football life" documentary tv series focused on her father football career.

Similarly, Brittany is also a part of Favre for Hope Foundation, which was established after her mother, Deana, successfully fought cancer; the foundation helps and provides for disabled children and cancer patients.

Brittany's Relationships: Does She Have a Husband?

Brittany Favre met her former partner Parker Brett in college, where they dated for about five years and had a son in 2010, but sadly the couple split without getting married. A year after her breakup with Parker, Brittany from Claim to Fame dated Patrick Valkenburg and married on January 26 of 26. Brittany and Valkenburg gave birth to a son named Aj, but unfortunately, after being together for years, she divorced Patrick.

brett favre daughter brittany favreClaim to Fame star Brittany Favre is now married to her husband, Alex Mallion. The couple shares a son. However, Britanny has two more sons from her previous relationships. (Brittany Claim to Fame Instagram)

In 2017, Favre married Alex Mallion; in case you're wondering, Brittany got custody of her two sons and lives with her present husband, Alex and her two loving sons.

Brittany Favre's Net Worth and Income Explored

as of 2022, Brittany Favre estimated net worth is around $300000, whereas her father, Brett Favre, has over $100 million net worth. Besides being a lawyer, she is also a philanthropist and has given donations to many other foundations to support disabled children, breast cancer patients and many others.

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