Meet Redd Foxx's Wife, Ka Ho Cho — Learn Where She is Now and Other Facts You Should Know!

Posted On August 21, 2022
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Ka Ho Cho is the wife of late John Elroy Sandford, better known as "Redd Foxx," who was an American stand-up comedian and actor, his most renowned film projects were the royal family and the Redd Foxx show, cannibals and cotton come to Harlem etc.

Here are some facts about ka ho Cho in our article below.

Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx's Marriage

Ka Ho Cho is the fourth wife of Redd Foxx; the couple met for the first time in Bally's Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas, United States; It was two years after Foxx ended up his third marriage to his South Korean wife, Yun Chi Chung. After dating for many years, Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx tied the knot on July 8, 1991, at a West Church in Las Vegas, and the wedding reception was held at the Hacienda Hotel.

Unfortunately, after marrying for only three months, Foxx passed away on the set due to a heart attack during a break from rehearsal of the royal family arrangement. Talking about ka ho Cho's husband's previous relationship Redd Foxx had been married to three women before marrying her.

ka ho cho age wiki bio net worth ethnicityKa Ho Cho is the fourth wife of Redd Foxx. When the couple met for the first time, John Elroy Sanford had almost lost everything when it comes to wealth. But people still believe Ka Ho Cho married him for his money.

In 1948 Redd Foxx was married to Evelyn Killebrew, his first wife; the marriage lasted over three years and ended in divorce in 1951. After five years of divorce, he married betty jean harris(showgirl and dancer) in 1956. since they shared no children, they adopted a girl named Debraca Denise. After living together for nineteen years, Redd Foxx and his second wife betty divorced in 1975.

Let's not miss his third wife, Yun Chi Chung (cocktail waitress); redd Foxx married her in 1976 but like the previous marriages, his third wife and he divorced in 1981.

Who is Ka Ho Cho? Her Age, Bio, Ethnicity Explored!

Ka ho Cho was born and raised in South Korea. Talking about her family background the education, she hasn't disclosed any of these on social media; she has been living a low-profile life since her husband's death.

Ka Ho Cho Net Worth: How Rich is the Fourth Wife of Late Redd Foxx?

Ka Ho Cho's name disappeared from the mainstream media as soon as her late husband, Redd Fox, died. Unfortunately, she was only known by her late husband, Redd Foxx. Moreover, no one knows what Cho's profession is, and it's hard to figure out her net worth; We would have known if she'd got to keep what her late husband left, but Cho didn't get anything from her late husband's property.

After Redd Foxx's death, his only child Debraca Denise claimed all of his estate, which caused a feud between Cho and her step-daughter. Following the feud, ka ho Cho filed a case against Debraca for misusing her father's money rather than paying his overdue debts.

Where is Ka Ho Cho Now? Does She Have a Social Media Account?

Given the circumstances, Ka Ho Cho has made herself disappear from the social media scene. However, some assume she now lives in her home country, South Korea. Since she doesn't have much left in the States, we can safely assume the rumors are true, and she now lives in Seoul, her hometown.

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