"Making Fun" Star Paul Jackman: Find Out About His Wife, Net Worth, and Many More!

Posted On October 10, 2022
paul jackman wife

Paul Jackman is one of the stars of "Making Fun." On February 4, 2022, Netflix released a short trailer on YouTube for a new upcoming TV show called "Making Fun," which will officially premiere on the Netflix platform on March 4th, 2022.

The show is about a group of expert artists turning children's weirdest and funniest ideas into reality by creating big pointless inventions out of wood, such as a giant taco dinosaur, a farting unicorn, a floating guitar, a nutcracker crush, and more.

The "Making Fun" show includes the five finest artists: Jimmy Diresta, Paul Jackman, Pat Lap, Graz Makes, and Derek Forestier, who help children's wild creative imaginations turn into reality.

The show contains eight episodes, which are now available on Netflix, and you can watch all the episodes right away. Now, let's talk about one of the cast members of the Netflix show "Making Fun," Paul Jackman.

Who is Paul Jackman?

Paul Jackman was born and raised in his hometown of eastern Massachusetts, the United States. He grew up with his older sister, who got married in 2016.

Although he hasn't revealed his parents' identities yet, he did mention that his father used to be a military veteran and that his mother's name is Maiden (Obama).

The 30-year-old Jackman graduated with distinction from civil engineering at Syracuse University from 2009 through 2013; he then went to a vocational high school and studied carpentry for four years;

His first job after graduation was at a large Groom Construction Company as an estimator, where he worked for three years, from 2013 to 2016. However, Paul decided to quit his job due to his over-weight from sitting in an office chair all day long.

now Paul is known as a hands-on artist creator, where he uses his talents on building amazing things out of the woods and mixed materials; not only he is famous for his abilities but also recognized for his sense of humor which led him where he is today;

Paul's work and talents should not be overlooked; he also owns Jack Works, where you can find and buy dozens of wood-made crafts, t-shirts, and even have customized items made for you.

What is Paul Jackman's Net Worth and Income?

Paul Jackman's estimated net worth is reportedly around $500,000 as of 2022; his earnings mainly come from his professional work in wood-crafting.

As he appeared in the Netflix show Making Fun, there's a huge chance of him working on more significant projects on TV screens, which could boost his assets in the future.

Furthermore, Paul has his own YouTube channel called "Jackman Works," where he has more than 373000 subscribers and some of his videos have over a million views.

He's also a TikTok star, with content like "recycling trash things and making enormous things out of the woods" on his TikTok account.

Paul has got 24.6k followers on his TikTok profile with over 275.3k likes; you can find him on any social media under his name "Jackman Works". He is also constantly active on Instagram, where he usually posts pictures related to his work projects.

Paul Jackman's Married or Wife?

Paul Jackman is married. His wife's name is Kristian Wood. She is an active duty coast guard in the military. Even though her name is Kristin, Jackman likes to call her "Mrs. Jackman," working for himself as a military wife.

Kristin's birthday is on August 23rd every year, according to social media; Paul began his journey as a full-time wood maker; at the same time, Kristin joined the military;

He quit his estimator job from the construction company and started working for full-time Jackman Works.

Kristian officially joined the military as an active duty coast guard in April 2016, and Jackman made his Jackman work a full-time job professionally.

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