Meet Monique Rodriguez, CEO at Mielle Organics and Selling Tampa Star! More Facts About Her Company in 2022

Posted On January 29, 2022
monique rodriguez mielle organics.

Monique Rodriguez is the CEO at Mielle Organics and a mentor of female entrepreneurs; she is a public feature and has 243k followers on her Instagram account. She is one of the successful businesswomen and is known for her hair oil company Mielle Organics. The hair and skin product company, Mielle, is worth $30 million and generates a revenue of $4 million annually.

After being featured on the Netflix series "Selling Tampa," Monique Rodriguez has been hitting the headlines of entertainment news channels. Monique and her husband were spotted in the 5th episode of the "Selling Tampa" series; they wanted to buy an ideal house for their family within 24hours.

It doesn't sound easy, but surprisingly, the Selling Tampa cast members managed to get a house for them in a short period. After showing the house by the lead realtor, Sharelle rosado, the couple loved the house and decided to buy it for $10million.

Many viewers loved the appearance of Monique and her husband melvin Rodriguez on a show where several people criticized them for getting a perfect house within a day, which was nearly impossible to find.

Who is Monique Rodriguez?

In her early career journey, Monique Rodriguez worked as a registered nurse for nearly nine years; she was pursuing her mother's dream of being a full-time nurse while her mother couldn't fulfill her dream to become one due to some reasons.

Selling Tampa star always knew, what she wanted to be in the future, what she was capable of; Monique Rodriguez loved doing hair care and beauty-related things; in one of her interviews with "Hello Beautiful," Monique said, "I was miserable in my career because I felt like I wasn't using the gifts that God had blessed me with. I felt isolated. Like I was trapped in a box and, my calling was waiting for me on the other side."

On May 24th, 2016, Monique finally launched her hairline products through her newly created website, "Mielle Organics" she started her career by simply making homemade hair care products and selling them, which she got a huge positive response from buyers. She didn't give up on her dreams; that's why she is now one of the top entrepreneurs, and if she hadn't gotten this much success, we probably wouldn't be seeing her on "Selling Tampa" purchasing a $10 million house.

What is Monique Rodriguez's Net Worth?

Monique Rodriguez is known for being one of the wealthiest people in 2021, she is not only the CEO of Mielle Organics, but she is also a public influencer creator of "The Secret Sauce to Success," which is a community for women entrepreneurs to help them grow in their business.

Rodriguez is a multi-millionaire; her income comes mostly from her haircare and skincare product lines, which produce a hefty amount of products and is sold worldwide. Her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million in 2022.

What do We Know About Her Company, Mielle Organics?

Mielle Organics is a hair care and hair care and beauty brand launched by Monique Rodriguez in 2014. all products are made with organic ingredients, which make hair healthier and help skin glow naturally. Mielle Organics are known worldwide and sold in over 87 countries worldwide.

There are thousands of positive reviews about Mielle organics on the internet; many celebrities and fans endorsed the products, including Yandy Smith-Harris. It's crazy how Mielle Organics meets the demands of thousands of women and their families. The most selling products of Mielle organics are moisturizing Avocado Hair Milk, Detangling Co-Wash, Babassu Oil, Mint Deep Conditioning Protein/Moisture Replenisher, etc.

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