Death to 2021 Cast: Meet the Stars of Netflix's Satirical Movie

Posted On January 30, 2022
death to 2021 cast

Death to 2021 was released on Netflix on December 27th, which is believed to be a squeal of death to 2021, which is a  dark and satirical comedy movie that is based on an event that describes a story of the distressing year it was or may it still is; basically, it's a faux-documentary, with a combination of archival footage, and fictional characters.

The movie includes Hugh grant, Lucy Liu, Tracey Ullman, Joe Keery, Samson kayo, Stockard changing, William Jackson Harper, Cristin Milioti, Nick Mohammed and Diane Morgan. Death to 2021 was directed by Jack Clough and Josh Ruben, where Laurence Fishburne narrated the movie; he is renowned worldwide for his voice. The movie is rated 6.4 out of 10 in IMDb, and 26% of audiences score in rotten tomatoes.

Meet the top 5 Cast of Death to 2021

1. Hugh Grant as Tennyson Foss OBE

Hugh Grant is one of Britain's most famous faces, he has played several movies, and tv dramas in his entire career, his most remarkable tv dramas are "the remains of the day, sense and sensibility and Notting hill.

He is playing the role of Tennyson Foss OBE.

2. Lucy Liu as Snook Austin

Lucy Liu is mostly known for her role in Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill and Chicago; she is one of the A-list actors in Hollywood. She appears in the Death of 2021 as a fictional character, Snook Austin, a journalist who managed to take some of the big events that happened in the year. In the death of 2020 similar role has played by Samuel L Jackson.

3. Cristin Milioti as Kathy Flowers

Cristin Milioti is a singer and actress; she is most known for the role in wolf of wall street as Teresa Petrillo and Tracy McConnell in how I met your mother, she is 36 years old, and she is played as Kathy flowers self described-soccer mom, she has appeared in previous movie death to 2020 aswell.

4. Stockard Channing as Penn Parker

Stockard is an American actress, known for her works in the girl most likely to..., good wife, anything else, a girl thing, other voices, urban myths. she plays a fictional character Penn parker as a journalist(similar to Samuel Jackson character in death of 2020).

5. Tracey Ullman as Madison Madison

Tracey Ullman is an American comedian, actress, singer, and a host of various comedy shows, such as Tracey breaks the news, the Tracey Ullman Show and Tracey Ullman's State of the union.

Tracey played the character of Madison Madison in the death of 2021 as a television news anchor who has her late-night show. She has also appeared in the previous movie death of 2020 as the character of Queen Elizabeth II.

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